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Welcome to the KIPPON coaching section of our website.
If you have a specific goal you dream of achieving or simply want to improve your general training knowledge, this is the place for you. We offer the professional expertise, tools and guidance to take you from start to finish, and will support you every step towards achieving your desired outcome.

Our coaches:

Antoine Fortier is a former member of the Canadian National Kendo Team as well as a published author for research in kinesiology. His coaching method specializes using advanced strategy and mental preparation to improve performance while minimizing risk of injury and exhaustion to ultimately help you attain your training goals.

While continually interacting with the top Kendo athletes and coaches in the world, Antoine develops the tools and strategies that YOU will need to stay motivated during your training through habitual programming, time-saving tricks, smart work and understanding the scientific principles of training. If you are searching for a way that is fast, healthy, safe and fun to acheive your training goals, this is the coach for you.

One of the advantages of using KIPPON coaching services is that our coaches will communicate with you via online video conferencing, where your training regiment and routines will also be sent to you in downloadable PDF format. We guarantee an improvement in your performance within two weeks of beginning your training.


    Kendo 6th Dan (All Japan Kendo Federation, 2019) Renshi (All Japan Kendo Federation, 2021)
    M.Sc Kinesiology (McGill University, 2010)
    B.Sc Kinesiology (McGill University, 2008)


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Becky from New York, USA

I am 4th dan in Kendo and lived and practiced in Japan for a number of years, but for a 4-5 year hiatus I didn't play. I enlisted the online coaching help and services of Antoine to help me get back into training and get ready for US National Championships.

Antoine was always so informative and helpful with suggestions and training drills I could do both at the dojo and outside of the dojo on my own. I think his experience as a member of Team Canada as well as practicing with top professionals in Japan was invaluable lessons that he so kindly shared with me over our Skype sessions.

The fact that the coaching was via Skype was never an issue, it was like he as in the room with me! His passion for helping you improve and become a better kendo player is apparent and I highly recommend his coaching skills.


Sheila from Pag, Croatia

I started practicing Kendo 4 years ago, and as a rookie I was pretty devoted to it. This year I didn't manage to practice regularly because of work and health, which got me pretty frustrated and stressed. Fortunately, Antoine had some tips and tricks of advice worth in gold about how to overcome these issues by sharing his own experience.

His coaching skills helped me prioritize what is really important, what to focus on to get to the next level, and how to manage the situation I was in. This gave me a great foundation to grow my skills even if it was done through online video conference!

Antoine is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening while always leaving people with helpful insights and encouragement. I highly recommended KIPPON coaching!