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KIPPON Nito-Ryu Online Kendo Course / KIPPON Insiders Training Group 1 Year Membership

KIPPON Nito-Ryu Online Kendo Course / KIPPON Insiders Training Group 1 Year Membership

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For the first time ever, Fumihide "Hide" Itokazu, former member of Team USA that finished 2nd and 3rd at the World Kendo Championships, is offering a full online course for Nito-Ryu. This is also an online insiders training group and a one year subscription for this group.

What you'll get with this membership:

Access to 10 videos of Nito-Ryu by Hide, nearly 2 hours of nito video instruction for both sei nito and gyaku nito filmed using high-power cameras, lenses and drones for special bird's eye view angles that allow you to see unique views on striking distance and positioning.

The chapters of the Nito-Ryu section of the course include:

Chapter 2 - Strength and Conditioning 8:53
Chapter 4 - Kamae (Beginner) 13:39
Chapter 6 - Swinging your Shinai (Beginner) 25:14
Chapter 8 - Seme for Nito 5:13
Chapter 10 - Kamae (Advanced) 12:44

Chapter 11 - Swinging your Shinai (Advanced) 9:56
Chapter 12 - Strategies against different Kamae 9:52
Chapter 13 - Shimpan for Nito 2:36
Chapter 14 - Gamesmanship 7:32
Chapter 15 - How to beat Nito 14:54

110 minutes 35 seconds of raw Nito-Ryu content

The KIPPON Insiders Training Group included also has a forum where members can ask Hide any follow-up questions they may have. Hide personally want to ensure the quality of the learning by having real-time feedback and discussions with the members.

The remaining section of the course is related to the scientific principles of training by Antoine Fortier, Bachelor's and Master's degree graduate in Kinesiology and Biomechanics from McGill University, 6th Dan (AJKF) Renshi (AJKF), former player for Team Canada at the World Kendo Championships and International coach at the European Kendo Championships.

The chapters of the sports science section of the course include:

Chapter 1 - Introduction 17:03

Chapter 3 - Specificity 26:53
Chapter 5 - Periodization 17:50
Chapter 7 - Sports Psychology 11:06
Chapter 9 - Task Analysis 6:23

79 minutes 15 seconds of Sports Science content

We hope to share the knowledge and experience we gained over the years with you and to learn from you as well.

*This product is non-refundable after 30 days of purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the Insiders Group simply for asking questions of the material covered, or is it more open to discussion? Something like: "Hi sensei, here's a video of me attempting X technique during jigeiko"

Yes, we encourage posting videos and discussing all topics covered on the course openly.